Mental Health Treatment Plans (MHTP)

What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan and do I need one?

A Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) is a written plan by your GP to diagnose your mental health condition(s) and to provide guidance to the psychologist you see. You do not need a MHTP to see your psychologist/therapist if you are happy to see them privately (paying out of pocket) or if you have a third party payment plan such as NDIS, Workcover, CTP, etc. Currently, Medicare only rebates sessions with a psychologist and a clinical social worker. 

Here at Perissos Psychology, our session fee is $195 per session. If you have a valid Mental Health Treatment Plan (a referral from your GP), you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $89.95 per session. 

To obtain a valid Mental Health Treatment Plan, please book in with your regular GP for a double session/longer session as most GP cannot complete a MHTP in a standard consult. Please provide your GP with the following information regarding our practice:

Practice – Perissos Psychology
Address – Unit 7, 6-8 Vanessa Blvd, Springwood, QLD, 4127.
Phone – 0450 522 835
Email –

If there is anything else you wish to discuss further, please contact us directly and our admin staff can guide you through this process.